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Poster La Voz del Sembrador


Radio Nueva Vida le extiende la invitación a componer una canción original para el Radiotón 2016 a través del concurso La Voz del Sembrador.

Participe con una composición original corta y rítmica de 60 segundos para usar como el lema del Radiotón 2016.

El ministerio ganador será anunciado durante el programa de Con Gozo en la Mañana. Además tendrá participación de una entrevista en Tiempo Especial con Alan Arévalo para que se escuche en las más de 40 estaciones de Radio Nueva Vida.

La fecha límite para enviar su composición original es el viernes 18 de diciembre a las 11:59pm a


Puntos de referencia

  • El Nombre de la estación Radio Nueva Vida
  • Sembrando en Fe
  • Sembrando de corazón
  • Sembrando en el reino de Dios
  • Una estación de sembradores
  • Cosechando a la eternidad no te quedes atrás
  • Llama y siembra



  • Tiene que pertenecer a algún ministerio no importando la denominación
  • La canción debe durar 60sec
  • Tiene que ser una composición original
  • Estar de acuerdo al participar y de resultar ganador en ceder el derecho de usar el jingle de forma exclusiva y sin restricciones por tiempo indefinido a Radio Nueva Vida.
  • Al resultar ganador su jingle, necesitara proveer 2 versiones una instrumental y la versión ganadora con voces.
  • Al registrarse enviar su audio lo más pronto posible o en la fecha límite establecida de participación.
  • El formato de su audio debe ser enviado en .WAV 41,000 16db
  • Tiempo del jingle NO más de 60sec



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                       RADIO NUEVA VIDA TESTIMONIES


Caldwell, Idaho: Hi, this is the first time that I’ve written to Radio Nueva Vida.  I want to thank you because your programming helped me understand that my life is really about having a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Before I accepted the Lord through you I lived in a world full of drugs that didn’t allow me think or do proper things.  I am truly grateful to God that he set me free from this kind of a life.

San Bernardino:  I want to share with you that I began to cry but not because I was sad but because I was happy to know that Radio Nueva Vida is going into a bunch of states like: Idaho, Nebraska, Montana, Georgia, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas where there are so many Hispanics.  I have family in Nebraska and I have already told them about Radio Nueva Vida.  I told them to listen to all the programs because each one of them is a great blessing and I tried to explain each program to them.  I practically told them to listen to it 24 hours a day.  Well, the biggest joy in my heart is to know that my seed and my granddaughter’s seed are reaching so far.  I am also praying that it will go farther and farther.  I am also praying for the Radiothon this January so that thousands of people can become Sembradores and the Word of God can continue to go farther and reach more sad and hurting people that are without Christ.  Here is our seed, it’s not a lot because we are poor, but we give it with much love for the lost.  God bless!

Oxnard:  I met the Lord around 7 months ago when by coincidence I found Radio Nueva Vida.  When I was a little girl I heard about Jesus but never met him.  With you, I found the greatest treasure of all: Jesus.  The problems I’ve been having with my rebellious son and husband I’ve been able to overcome.  I didn’t know how to pray for my family but thanks to you and your teaching, I have learned how to intercede.  Through the Word of God you have been our psychologist.  I have learned so many things like how to discipline my son with love and how to put up with my husband’s bad attitude. Little by little they are now getting along better.  Sometimes there are tribulations that come, but now I don’t allow the enemy to stay, because I have the most powerful weapon there is: the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ which I have learned through Radio Nueva Vida. May God continue to bless you! 

Facebook:  May God continue to bless Radio Nueva Vida so that more people, day by day, can know Jesus!

Indio:  Thank you for the gift you sent me, thank you for the monthly informativo, thank you for everything you do for us! 

I have many problems; regret for some of them and pain that doesn’t heal for others.  But since I’ve been listening to Radio Nueva Vida, I feel different.  I can feel peace and tranquility and most of all, I now have lots of faith in our Lord Jesus. 

Recently my son gave me a Bible and even though there is a word or two that I don’t understand, reading the Bible has become my devotion. 

I learn a lot with what Radio Nueva Vida explains about the Word of God.  I thank you all! You have changed my life!  Since I’ve been listening something has happened to me that I can’t explain.

Facebook:  Thank you Radio Nueva Vida for helping us through your ‘prayer time’ program.

Boise Idaho:  I live 80 miles outside of Boise.  My testimony is that it’s going to be seven months that I’ve been with you and I’m a new Sembradora. When I began to sow, I sowed only a little, because I didn’t know you.  Then my heart and the Lord told me to give more, so I did.  I want to tell you what happened next… I’m 80 years old and for 12 years I have been sick; I’ve been in pain. Four weeks after I became a Sembradora the Lord healed me completely!  I don’t have any pain! My Christ healed me! 

This is why I tell all the brothers to continue to help you; to continue to send their seeds so these programs can continue because they are beautiful! 

I’m 80 years old and have been a Christian for 40, but I have never been so happy! I have never been so full of the Holy Spirit! You guys make it possible so that even a dead person rises up!  I am very grateful for this and that’s why I’m a Sembradora.  I hope that the people who hear this testimony will continue to help.  I bless you and congratulate you for your many years on the air.  I’m 80 years old but i feel like I’m 40 because through Christ we can do anything!  The testimonies that come on the air about people giving their lives to Christ are the most beautiful thing to hear that there is. 

And, what the Lord did for me, through my seeds, oh boy, oh boy!  Lord, blessed be your name!  As I have mentioned, in 12 years of pain I’m going on 6 weeks of having no more pain, no more pain!  Hallelujah, hallelujah precious Jesus!   

El Cajon:   Greetings to everyone at Radio Nueva Vida!  Because of you, many of us can hear the good news on the air every day.  I appreciate you with all my heart because one day when I was feeling very sad, at home lying down on my bed and reading the Bible because of an injury to my back, I heard Radio Nueva Vida.  You were very excited, inviting people to become Sembradores.  This encouraged me and I took the initiative to get out of bed, get the phone and call to become a Sembradora.  Thank you for the strength that you give each one of us every day.  It is very important for all of us to hear words of encouragement. I feel that God puts His words in your mouths to bless us.  May God continue to bless you!

Santa Paula: A pastor shared with us another tangible example of God’s favor being released through the radio…

He shared he knows a woman who got pregnant…but during her pregnancy her husband had an affair and contracted a venereal disease.

Sadly, he then infected his pregnant wife.  Her first baby had been born with some birth defects…and the thought of what could happen to her second child, now that she was infected really sent her into a downward emotional spiral.

She was sure her baby would be born deformed.  All of this made her very depressed.  She wanted to commit suicide.

And, as you might expect…she was also extremely angry and bitter at her husband…who had needlessly caused her so much heartache.

To calm down she wanted to listen to something on the radio.  She turned it on…and happened to find Radio Nueva Vida.  At that moment there just happened to be a message about the importance of forgiveness. 

Hearing this message she literally fell on her knees and called out to God to forgive her…and god’s grace came so she was able to forgive her husband. 

The pastor said she now walks about three-fourths of a mile to go to his church with her two babies.  Her second child was born completely normal.


I will feed my flock…says the Lord God.  Ezekiel 34:15


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