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                       RADIO NUEVA VIDA TESTIMONIES


Caldwell, Idaho: Hi, this is the first time that I’ve written to Radio Nueva Vida.  I want to thank you because your programming helped me understand that my life is really about having a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Before I accepted the Lord through you I lived in a world full of drugs that didn’t allow me think or do proper things.  I am truly grateful to God that he set me free from this kind of a life.

San Bernardino:  I want to share with you that I began to cry but not because I was sad but because I was happy to know that Radio Nueva Vida is going into a bunch of states like: Idaho, Nebraska, Montana, Georgia, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas where there are so many Hispanics.  I have family in Nebraska and I have already told them about Radio Nueva Vida.  I told them to listen to all the programs because each one of them is a great blessing and I tried to explain each program to them.  I practically told them to listen to it 24 hours a day.  Well, the biggest joy in my heart is to know that my seed and my granddaughter’s seed are reaching so far.  I am also praying that it will go farther and farther.  I am also praying for the Radiothon this January so that thousands of people can become Sembradores and the Word of God can continue to go farther and reach more sad and hurting people that are without Christ.  Here is our seed, it’s not a lot because we are poor, but we give it with much love for the lost.  God bless!

Oxnard:  I met the Lord around 7 months ago when by coincidence I found Radio Nueva Vida.  When I was a little girl I heard about Jesus but never met him.  With you, I found the greatest treasure of all: Jesus.  The problems I’ve been having with my rebellious son and husband I’ve been able to overcome.  I didn’t know how to pray for my family but thanks to you and your teaching, I have learned how to intercede.  Through the Word of God you have been our psychologist.  I have learned so many things like how to discipline my son with love and how to put up with my husband’s bad attitude. Little by little they are now getting along better.  Sometimes there are tribulations that come, but now I don’t allow the enemy to stay, because I have the most powerful weapon there is: the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ which I have learned through Radio Nueva Vida. May God continue to bless you! 

Facebook:  May God continue to bless Radio Nueva Vida so that more people, day by day, can know Jesus!

Indio:  Thank you for the gift you sent me, thank you for the monthly informativo, thank you for everything you do for us! 

I have many problems; regret for some of them and pain that doesn’t heal for others.  But since I’ve been listening to Radio Nueva Vida, I feel different.  I can feel peace and tranquility and most of all, I now have lots of faith in our Lord Jesus. 

Recently my son gave me a Bible and even though there is a word or two that I don’t understand, reading the Bible has become my devotion. 

I learn a lot with what Radio Nueva Vida explains about the Word of God.  I thank you all! You have changed my life!  Since I’ve been listening something has happened to me that I can’t explain.

Facebook:  Thank you Radio Nueva Vida for helping us through your ‘prayer time’ program.

Boise Idaho:  I live 80 miles outside of Boise.  My testimony is that it’s going to be seven months that I’ve been with you and I’m a new Sembradora. When I began to sow, I sowed only a little, because I didn’t know you.  Then my heart and the Lord told me to give more, so I did.  I want to tell you what happened next… I’m 80 years old and for 12 years I have been sick; I’ve been in pain. Four weeks after I became a Sembradora the Lord healed me completely!  I don’t have any pain! My Christ healed me! 

This is why I tell all the brothers to continue to help you; to continue to send their seeds so these programs can continue because they are beautiful! 

I’m 80 years old and have been a Christian for 40, but I have never been so happy! I have never been so full of the Holy Spirit! You guys make it possible so that even a dead person rises up!  I am very grateful for this and that’s why I’m a Sembradora.  I hope that the people who hear this testimony will continue to help.  I bless you and congratulate you for your many years on the air.  I’m 80 years old but i feel like I’m 40 because through Christ we can do anything!  The testimonies that come on the air about people giving their lives to Christ are the most beautiful thing to hear that there is. 

And, what the Lord did for me, through my seeds, oh boy, oh boy!  Lord, blessed be your name!  As I have mentioned, in 12 years of pain I’m going on 6 weeks of having no more pain, no more pain!  Hallelujah, hallelujah precious Jesus!   

El Cajon:   Greetings to everyone at Radio Nueva Vida!  Because of you, many of us can hear the good news on the air every day.  I appreciate you with all my heart because one day when I was feeling very sad, at home lying down on my bed and reading the Bible because of an injury to my back, I heard Radio Nueva Vida.  You were very excited, inviting people to become Sembradores.  This encouraged me and I took the initiative to get out of bed, get the phone and call to become a Sembradora.  Thank you for the strength that you give each one of us every day.  It is very important for all of us to hear words of encouragement. I feel that God puts His words in your mouths to bless us.  May God continue to bless you!

Santa Paula: A pastor shared with us another tangible example of God’s favor being released through the radio…

He shared he knows a woman who got pregnant…but during her pregnancy her husband had an affair and contracted a venereal disease.

Sadly, he then infected his pregnant wife.  Her first baby had been born with some birth defects…and the thought of what could happen to her second child, now that she was infected really sent her into a downward emotional spiral.

She was sure her baby would be born deformed.  All of this made her very depressed.  She wanted to commit suicide.

And, as you might expect…she was also extremely angry and bitter at her husband…who had needlessly caused her so much heartache.

To calm down she wanted to listen to something on the radio.  She turned it on…and happened to find Radio Nueva Vida.  At that moment there just happened to be a message about the importance of forgiveness. 

Hearing this message she literally fell on her knees and called out to God to forgive her…and god’s grace came so she was able to forgive her husband. 

The pastor said she now walks about three-fourths of a mile to go to his church with her two babies.  Her second child was born completely normal.


I will feed my flock…says the Lord God.  Ezekiel 34:15


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                                   Radio Nueva Vida Testimonies


Riverside: A woman called to tell us that one day she was listening to a secular station when all of a sudden the station changed to Radio Nueva Vida.  She switched it back...but three times it turned back to Radio Nueva Vida.  Finally she realized God was talking to her, so she left it there and began to listen.  She said she used to be a very bitter woman; her life was a mess, but the radio messages transformed her life! She is certain that it  was God who changed the frequency on her radio so he could transform her life.  Now she’s a different woman and won’t change stations for anything.

Tijuana: A friend of mine told me about Radio Nueva Vida.  I bless the Lord because this radio station exists.  It is a balm to my soul!  I’m learning so much about the Word of God and I am starting to grow spiritually… 

Downey: I’ve been listening to Radio Nueva Vida for some time and I thank God Radio Nueva Vida is a part of my life.  It gives me so much comfort, encouragement, inspiration and strength!  God always speaks to me through you.  I pray that you will never stop because this station goes where people need God.  I know this is a very difficult job, but it is also very well compensated by the thousands of souls that are constantly saved by the different programs of blessing you have.  I have recommended this station to more than 300 of my clients so God can save them. Many of them have received Jesus as Savior because of this station.  Some sow, some water but God is the one who gives the growth!


A realtor in South Gate wrote to tell us of her desire to reach others for Jesus.  She tells all her clients about Radio Nueva Vida; even going to their homes to find the radio frequency for them.  If they don’t have a radio, she buys them one.  She said:


I’m a very busy person but if one person finds Christ, its worth more to me than selling a million dollar building. When I receive calls from people that I’ve talked to for years…and they tell me: ‘now I understand what you’ve been trying to tell me all these years…I’ve received Jesus!’  I feel like a new person!  It fills me with joy and happiness more than if I won the lottery (but i don’t play).  Since I was saved the Lord put this in my heart and I do these things in gratitude because he didn’t just save me…he saved my husband and delivered him from a long sentence in jail and then the doctors said he had terminal cancer…but God healed him!


He took me out of my coma after I had my son, healed my daughter of a skin disease and gave me back my sight after I had lost it because of an attack that damaged the cornea of my two eyes…


He has done so many miracles for me and my family and I have fallen more and more in love with him! My prayer is: If you can use my life, here I am! Continue on, Radio Nueva Vida!


Escondido: thank you so much for bringing the word of our Lord and Savior to all the Hispanic community.  Through Radio Nueva Vida I was saved and that is why I will always support this ministry.  If I was saved, I know that together we will be able to save many more lives. 


Tijuana: The truth is, I don't have money but I’m sending you my donation because i want more people to learn about the Word of God.  I want everyone to have the opportunity to know who loves them unconditionally.  Here in Tijuana there are a lot of people who have not heard the Word of God and live in darkness.  They don’t know that the Word is medicine for the body and tranquility for the soul. They believe that you get to God through good works and they need to hear the truth.  That’s why I want to help you, even if it’s with a little bit.  I want people to know the truth so they can be set free.  May God bless you as you continue to reach more homes for our Lord; the harvest is great but the workers are few.                                                                                                                                                            

Los Angeles: I am thankful for Radio Nueva Vida because at the most difficult moments of my life you came along side of me to give me the strength to go on.  You taught me the ways of God and how to get closer to him.  I thank God for Radio Nueva Vida, because without it, many would not know about his love and forgiveness.

Fresno:  I am glad to be a part of the great family of Radio Nueva Vida.  This is the first time I have sent my offering.  I was motivated to become a Sembrador by seeing how our Lord Jesus is working in the hearts of so many and changing their lives.  I know that many people who can't go to church to hear the word of God are being spiritually fed by listening to this station. My desire is to fulfill god’s word where he says: Go into the entire world and preach my gospel. 



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Huntington Park: I wanted to share with you that around a year and a half ago I went through a hard trial.  I wanted to die. Thank God Radio Nueva Vida was there for me to nourish my soul and spirit.  God used you to restore me and give me new strength.  Even in times of loneliness and despair, I could feel Jesus at my side through the radio. During this very difficult time, it was only Jesus and the radio that helped me. Thank you!  Now I am a free woman, because I was able to forgive.  Please, continue on!

Santa BarbaraGod bless Radio Nueva Vida with power from on high!  Thanks to you, my family…that was about to be destroyed, is now strong, united and more blessed than ever before. 

Sylmar: I give thanks to God because He has given us a Christian radio station where we can learn more about the word of God.  For me, Radio Nueva Vida has been such a great blessing! Through people like you, whom God has chosen, I’ve been able to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior.

This year I lost my mother and I asked God to remove my sadness and give me his peace and happiness.  Now, I understand that without God, life can turn bitter and sad.  Thank you for helping us find Jesus, because without Him…life has no meaning.

Los Angeles: I want to thank God because through Radio Nueva Vida I am learning more about Jesus and his Word.  I feel closer to him because people like you are doing everything that is in your power to win the lost; which you are doing in giant steps!  I recommend you to everyone.  I also enjoy seeing the bumper stickers on the cars.  The people who see these bumper stickers, out of pure curiosity, might tune in and find God as I did and be touched and set free as I was. 

Bell:  All day I can hear music that really lifts my spirit and I can hear messages that help me go on in this life that sometimes can be so unbearable.  When I listen to Radio Nueva Vida it is like everything disappears and I can feel an immense peace, joy and hope.  Before, I used to hear worldly music but I hated the negative messages they gave; they made me feel depressed.  Now, I recommend Radio Nueva Vida to all those that I know. I know that with this station they will find the help, support and faith that they need to conquer their problems and continue on. 

Facebook:  God saved me from hell.  When twice I tried to commit suicide, my neighbor put Radio Nueva Vida on for me.  I heard the DJ say that Jesus left the 99 and went to go look for the one that was lost… and that was me.  God bless!

Facebook: I listen to you on my cell phone from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  Your programs are very edifying.

 FacebookThank God for Radio Nueva Vida!  We were able to hear it practically all the way from Farmersville, Arizona to San Luis Rios Colorado, Mexico. Thanks to the generosity of all the Sembradores, the Word of God is expanding to almost everywhere we go.  Hopefully soon, God will give you the means to reach even more states, like Jalisco, Mexico. Life is very sad without a Christian radio station.  There is nothing good to listen when we go over there.  That’s why I thank God for Radio Nueva Vida.

Facebook: The peace of God be with you!  I’m in Brazil and with much happiness I listen to you and enjoy the blessings of God through you.

Facebook:  Greetings to all from Puerto Rico.  I listen to you on my iPhone.  I love your programming and especially the music! 

Facebook: Greetings from Barcelona, Spain.  Thank you for blessings Europe!

Facebook:  I give God thanks for restoring my home and marriage!  This is one more victory for Christ.  My husband finally came to his feet…one more soul won for you, my Jesus!  There is no God as great as you…no, there isn’t! 

Facebook:  Radio Nueva Vida has been a great blessing to me and my family. I receive spiritual nourishment from your programs and studies.  I rejoice with the praises that you put on the air.  God bless you so you can continue to save souls for the lord!

Facebook:  I listen to you almost every night here in Illinois on my Android telephone.  I want to continue to listen because I have a lot of problems. I want to find God and follow him until the end and Radio Nueva Vida is showing me the way.  I thank you again! I want to say goodbye and tell you I will continue to listen.

Facebook: Greetings from Youngsville, North Carolina. I love to listen to Radio Nueva Vida!  God bless!

 Los Angeles: For the first time I’m happy.  In moments of desperation and suffering I listen to you and every word that you say brings comfort to my heart.  God has blessed me through Radio Nueva Vida.  I have lived with much depression; a life full of sadness.  But god has forgiven me of my past and now, he is lifting me up!  Through Radio Nueva Vida and the wonderful work that you are doing many people can know that there is hope and forgiveness for those who fall.  Thank you!

Hemet: may God continue to bless this station that he gave us.  Sometimes I feel very desperate and depressed so I turn on the radio and I hear some message that touches my life…a song or Bible teaching.  I believe with all my heart that God himself is working through you.  Thank you!

Paramount: I pray that God will fill you with blessing, health and prosperity.  For me, Radio Nueva Vida is my church.  It ministers to my soul, spirit and mind.  I have a special needs child…and at church they don’t take care of children like this, so  can’t go to church.  Many times I have felt discouraged because of this problem; but listening to the programs on Radio Nueva Vida gives me encouragement and hope.  Thank you for existing, Radio Nueva Vida!  I am sure you are a blessing to many other mothers with special needs children and to all those people who are home bound and can’t go to church.  Thank you for giving us the hope and encouragement to go on.

Oxnard: I love to support Radio Nueva Vida because it helps people find salvation.  It also helps many people who have fallen away from God, return to him.  Thanks to the programming of Radio Nueva Vida, God corrects us and leads us to the right path.  Here is my offering, I’m not working but when I can, I will send more than what I promised because I never want this station to stop leading people to Christ.

Whittier:  You can’t imagine how much you have helped me with all your advice and suggestions.  With you I learned to forgive and forget.  One day I was listening to a program that talked about forgiveness.  When they prayed, I prayed along with them and gave all my vengeance and hatred to Jesus.  Now, I’m a very happy person! Thank you for showing me how to truly forgive!

Calabasas I love Radio Nueva Vida because it changed my sadness into joy and it gave me security in myself and in Jesus. And, Radio Nueva Vida changed the lives of my two sons with God’s Word. 

North Hills: My sister was a Christian but there was no spiritual maturity in her life. Even though she went to church weekly there was no spiritual growth. But one day I told her to listen to Radio Nueva Vida. I found the frequency for her and set it in her car.  The days passed and now her life has changed a lot.  The promises of God are being fulfilled in her home.  Her attitude has changed.  Now she has matured spiritually…her roots are well grounded.  With all my heart I want to thank you for the work that you do! May God reward you richly!  Don’t get tired of doing good, because in due season you shall reap if you don’t grow weary.

Los Angeles: Thanks to Jesus, I recently became a Sembradora.  It was when I was going through a very difficult situation with my eldest daughter who was going through domestic violence in her home.  Thanks to Radio Nueva Vida i saw the light again!

One day, I was driving to work thinking that life wasn’t worth living anymore, even though I had two other children to live for and a wonderful, supportive husband.  But this wasn’t enough for me…I had no peace in my soul.  I was looking for another radio station because the one I was listening to made me bored.  I found Radio Nueva Vida and heard someone talking about Jesus on your station.  It seemed as if you knew exactly what I was thinking; you knew what i was going through! 

 Since that day, the Lord and Radio Nueva Vida has been my refuge.  Things got worse with my daughter; but, thanks to the strength God had given my heart…and faith through you, I’m still standing, praising god and asking him to help me carry this cross. 

When I became a Sembradora, I didn’t do it so god could give me something in return…but, thanks to him I have a job.  I did it, because I know Radio Nueva Vida does so much to save the lost, like me, who was about to do something crazy.  You guys help us understand that Jesus loves us…and he is there to help us, through ministries like Radio Nueva Vida. 

Facebook: God uses you to bring peace to my heart about many questions when I am confused about God’s promises for my life.  Thank you, God! Even though I have only known about Radio Nueva Vida for a short time, I hear God’s Word through your ministry.


“Our days are few and brief; like grass, like flowers…blown by the wind and then gone forever.  Teach us to number our days so that we may grow in wisdom.”  Psalms 103:15 and 90:12.       


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Bakersfield: I found God through Radio Nueva Vida when I was going through many problems.  My powerful God changed us! 

Apple Valley: In the most difficult time of my life, when I had cancer, I would listen to Radio Nueva Vida. Through your programs, God gave me joy, peace and tranquility.  If it wasn't for you, I don't know how I would have made it through this difficult time.  Thank you Radio Nueva Vida for being there for us when we need love, encouragement and the will to go on.

Los AngelesOne day when I  felt very desperate, looking for something to comfort me on the radio, I  found Radio Nueva Vida.    I don't think it was a coincidence.  I'm sure it was God who put your station in my path because since then, I have not stopped listening. It relieves my anxiety and afflictions.  With all the problems that I have like my recent heart surgery, listening to Radio Nueva Vida truly comforts me.  Thank you for this station of blessing! 

Email: I write to thank you for your programs which have given me peace and a greater understanding of the Lord.   Since I started listening to Radio Nueva Vida I have felt a great tranquility.  My daughter and I were going through a very difficult moment, we hugged each other and with all our faith asked the lord to help us and he heard us!  Our pain and problems began to disappear. It was then that I realized that the Lord lives, He loves us, listens to us and it doesn't matter how many times we fail.  I am happy because god brought me Radio Nueva Vida!

Cathedral City: One night, when looking for a radio station, I found Radio Nueva Vida.  I liked what I heard and continued listening.  One Saturday morning I heard a message about love which really touched my heart…so much, that I began to weep.  I couldn't stop crying. After that message, I made Christ Lord and Savior of my heart.  This is why I say God bless Radio Nueva Vida and everyone who works hard there to win souls for God.  I want to encourage you not to give up because god has a crown for each one of you.  Don't ever change your programming; all of it is wonderful and blessed by the Lord.


Simi Valley: A thousand thanks for being an instrument that god uses to transform lives, like mine!  For 18 years I lived in darkness until Jesus came into my life through you.  Thank you Radio Nueva Vida!


Email: You are our daily bread like the word of God.  Without you and your advice we would be throwing in the towel! 


Fresno:  I write to thank you for the great work you do helping people like me who felt lost.  Now, with Radio Nueva Vida, every day we have new hope by listening to the word of God.


Personally, I am very grateful because my life has changed…but not only my life, but the life of my husband and children too! 


By listening to your programs god gave me faith for my marriage. I began to pray asking God to restore my home…and, glory to God,  my husband came back home after being away for more than a year.  Now, we are happy, going to church and serving God together. 


Oxnard: I am very grateful for you bringing me light and hope.  You came into my life when I was very lonely and my life had no meaning.  I was even thinking I could take my life.  I was very depressed; there was a lack of something in my life.


One day someone mentioned Radio Nueva Vida to me.  While driving I turned it on.  The people on the radio were talking about what was happening to me!  It seemed like you knew that I was listening. I was so surprised I would listen every chance I could.  Incredible but true, God changed my life completely! Now I am not alone!  God is with me!


Soledad: I am very happy that new souls come daily to the feet of Jesus through Radio Nueva Vida.  It is a great pleasure to give my small grain of seed, which I can see is giving good fruit. 

I found Radio Nueva Vida in a strange way.  One day when I was at work, I turned on the radio and your station was already tuned in.  A man was talking about the love of God.  I stopped what I was doing and began to listen.  All of a sudden, I felt the urge to cry.  I don’t know how, but I found myself on the floor kneeling by the side of the radio crying. 


I heard the man say: If there is someone who would like Jesus to come into their heart repeat these words.  I repeated what he said and I felt a great peace come in my heart.  Since that day I’ve been listening to your programs.  Thank you for giving me new life!


Los Angeles:  You came into my life when I needed you the most, because I was full of sadness, bitterness and pain.  God used you to help me mature in my faith; remove my sadness and all the negative things the enemy put into my life. 


My husband is not saved, but he loves to listen to your station and I know that listening to you he will receive the spiritual help that he needs.   I love you in the love of the Lord!

Miraloma: I congratulate you for your new life station, because you bring new life to those who are thinking of suicide.  When they listen to Radio Nueva Vida it gives us life in Jesus Christ.  All your music and testimonies open our eyes to the truth of God.  I receive so much blessings with your music and preaching’s.  Blessing to you all!

I give thanks to God for you!  I have the radio on 24 hours a day. I don't turn it off for anything!  The spirit of God comes into our home and gives us peace.  This station is a great blessing, because the music ministers to us in a great way.  This station is the Bread of Life, which nourishes our souls; strengthens us and lifts us up!

Reseda: Right now, I'm not working because the economy is really bad, but when I hear on the radio that a new soul comes to the Lord, I rejoice with all my heart!  This motivates me to give my offering every month because if I’m faithful to Him, He will be faithful to me.  Radio Nueva Vida is a fountain of life, it's a source used by god to call people to repentance.  Thank you for being obedient to his call.

MaywoodIt’s a joy to be a part of this great work that you are doing!  Radio Nueva Vida has been a great blessing to my life in difficult moments; in temptation and trials.  The messages through the praises and advice fill me with hope and strength.  They motivate me to continue on and help me learn more about Jesus Christ.  I send you my offering with all my heart, because I am convinced that this station is God’s work.

In my distress I cried to the Lord, and He heard me. Psalm 120:1


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                                Radio Nueva Vida Testimonies      


Santa Ana: God bless this ministry that has been a great blessing to me!  I was saved through Radio Nueva Vida when one day my three daughters ganged up on me and hit me.  I went to the bathroom and said: ‘God, these are my own daughters.’  There was an old radio there and I turned it on and God gave me your station.  Since then I listen to you day and night.  On that particular night, a Pastor was saying: ‘Come all of you who are tired and God will give you rest.’  I said: ‘God, that’s me, I’m tired of this life’ and I surrendered my life to him right there.

Encinitas:  I was an alcoholic. When I heard Radio Nueva Vida you were speaking exactly about what was happening in my life.  I wasn’t a Christian.  I kept listening until i understood you were talking about Jesus.  I found a church where everyone prayed for me.  I could feel the love of God!  Before, I was filled with hatred for everyone, including my father.  I decided to save money and buy a ticket to go see my family in Mexico and tell them about Jesus.  In the past, I would have spent my money on alcohol.  I fasted and prayed before my trip and everyone received the information about Jesus. I give thanks for the Seed Sowers because of their seeds, I found salvation in Jesus!

Fillmore: This radio station has done a great work in my life, it has brought me peace, joy and complete confidence in the Lord.  

Tijuana:  I had a family member in a San Diego prison and he would listen to your station all the time.  But now, they sent him somewhere else and he can’t listen to you anymore.  I decided to continue to sow so that all the people who listen in the prisons can receive strength by listening to this station of blessing.

San Jose: My son is in jail and he listens to Radio Nueva Vida.  During the Radiothon he felt a strong desire to help the radio station because it has helped him so much, but he didn’t have any money.  The next day a friend wrote to him and sent him $20 dollars.  He called me very excited saying that he wanted to use the money to help the radio so I called and signed him up as a Seed Sower.  He said that God sent him the money especially for Radio Nueva Vida.

Los Angeles: Radio Nueva Vida…I love God and I love you!  Your ministry is a great blessing to me.  It edifies me and teaches me daily.  Before, I didn’t know how to talk with God, but now thanks to you, I do.  You have taught me well and I have learned to forgive.

Tulare: I didn’t know about God, but one day when I was looking for secular music, I heard a program that really blessed my heart.  Since that day I have not stopped listening to Radio Nueva Vida and I became  a Seed Sower for life.  Radio Nueva Vida led me to the arms of my Lord!

Arkansas: I’m an Android listener.  This station is a blessing; it edifies all the youth, like me.  I like it.  Greetings from Arkansas!

Salem, Oregon: I like all the programs they are a great blessing!  Greetings to everyone from Salem, Oregon. 

Salinas:  Dear brothers of Radio Nueva Vida, may the lord bless you; illuminate you and strengthen you so you can continue with the work God has given you.  I thank God for this radio station that has helped give me strength in the most difficult moments of my life.  I have gone through severe depression and difficult problems, but the Lord, through your programming, speaks to me and lifts me up!  All of your programs have something for me…the music, the Bible studies, the advice, the prayers, the testimonies…everything!

Facebook: I thank God for everyone in Radio Nueva Vida because you are a blessing and God uses you. 

Mexico: I began to listen to Radio Nueva Vida around two months ago on my blackberry phone.  I have two older daughters who are 21 and 22.  Around three years ago god blessed me with another baby.  Unfortunately, it was hard to start all over again with another baby.  I felt frustrated with myself and with my other daughters.  A friend sold me a cell phone and I found a Radio Nueva Vida app on it.  I began to listen and God began to speak to my life.  You are changing my life!


Caldwell, IdahoIt’s a great blessing to hear you daily, especially when i go to work.  I turn on the radio and I begin to feel overwhelmed with joy as I sing along with the beautiful worship music you put on the air.  I feel like his spirit fills my being richly.  I’m becoming a Seed Sower for the first time so his word can reach all the corners of the earth.


Los AngelesI feel a lot of happiness!  I want to cry while writing this.  For a while I wanted to call to become a Sembrador but there was always something that stopped me.  But now, I am sending my 1st love offering and I am crying for joy!

Norwalk: Radio Nueva Vida has been a blessing for me because when I feel sad I turn on the radio and it’s like a healing balm to my soul. 

Chuckawalla State Prison, yard B: Continue to thank all the Seed Sowers for making Radio Nueva Vida available to us isolated folks.  Praise and adoration takes us out of this dreary environment into the presence of God.  A thousand thanks!  Remain courageous!

Italy:  I’m 25 years old, I’m Cuban and for five years I’ve been living in Italy.  Right now I’m listening to you in Italy.  This station is a great blessing!  Receive a great big hug and all my Christian love.

Port Arthur, Texas via facebook:  I feel so content because i get to rejoice with you everyday… there is not one day that i don’t listen to you.  One day I felt anxious and confused so I sent a text to the radio and someone answered me saying that they were going to pray for me.  God rescued me from the grips of the enemy now I’m serving God in church.  Thank you for your prayers. He put you in my life to encourage me; I feel very happy that God lives and reins in my heart.  I live in Port Arthur, Texas.  God bless you!

Santa ClaritaBrothers from Radio Nueva Vida, I am so happy because I became a Sembradora.  There are no words to thank God and you for everything you are doing in the lives of many people.  Everyday my children and I listen to you.  We rejoice with the music and learn a lot from the programs.  There is no doubt that the covering of the all mighty God is over you.  God bless each one of you and all the Sembradores!

Kentucky via facebook:  How I miss this station…sadly here in Kentucky we don’t have a Christian station in Spanish.  I remember when I would listen to Radio Nueva Vida in my car and the Lord would speak to me through your programs.  Continue on because you are a great blessing to many families.  God bless you!

North Carolina:  I hope that god will continue to touch the hearts of people so the gospel of God can continue to reach more people in other states.  I am a faithful radio listener of Radio Nueva Vida.  It has been a great blessing to me because I used to feel incomplete before I heard your station.  Now, my life has changed favorably because finally I am spiritually fed every day.  God bless you greatly! 

“Let all those who seek you rejoice and be glad in you;

Let such as love your salvation say continually,

The Lord be magnified!”   Psalms 40:16







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September 2014

Radio Nueva Vida Testimonies

Recently I asked an employee about the three people she led to The Lord in one day and she said…

This happens basically every day: my extension rings all the time and they say, “Can you please pray for me?”

On this day a woman from Fresno called who had an abortion when she was 14. She couldn't bear her guilt.  She received The Lord at that moment and she was free of guilt.

On that same day an older man from Lynwood wanted to fix a situation with his wife of 36 years.  He repented and received The Lord…Four Bibles were sent out for his family and information about a good church in his area.

That same morning a man from Escondido calls who had brain surgery two months ago and became blind. He repented in prayer and received eternal life through Jesus, and also received the name and number of a very low cost clinic in Tijuana.

“It is good to say: Thank you to The Lord, to sing praises to the God who is above all gods.”  Psalms 92:1

Fresno:  A listener called to tell us that we can count on her to pray for us and she shared why she wanted to do this.  She said, “I was a Christian who was bitter because of problems that had happened in my life.  The radio injected love in me through the programs.  My life has changed because I have found the truth that God does care about me and loves me!  I give people words of encouragement as I receive them from Radio Nueva Vida that radically changed my life.    

Facebook: I love Radio Nueva Vida; it releases lots of peace into my life. I listen while I’m at work at night and the time goes by so fast that when I least expect it, it’s time to leave; how wonderful this is!  Blessings to everyone who makes all this possible.

Facebook: I wish you more and more years of being on the air to bless many homes.  Before I used to listen to you in Las Vegas but now I live in the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.  You are a great blessing!

Facebook: I have been blessed by you! I live in Manaus Amazons, Brazil.

Roswell, New Mexico:  About two months ago I had a stroke; fell into a coma and the doctors said I died.  The doctors kept telling me that I was a miracle.  When I came out of the hospital I was very depressed, spiritually and emotionally.  I was looking on the radio and happened to find Radio Nueva Vida and have been listening to you ever since.  You have been a blessing to me!  You helped and encouraged me through this very difficult time.  All your programs have been a blessing!  During your Radiothon I became a Sembrador because I’m so grateful for what you’ve done in my life.

Facebook: I want to thank you: two years ago I sent you an email. I was a drug addict and I asked you for prayer so God could restore me.  To His glory, He did it!  In those days I attempted suicide but God heard your prayers.  God bless you!

Facebook: A thousand blessings to all the brothers of Radio Nueva Vida.  I’m in Panama, I used to listen to your station but lost it and today while looking, I found it again!  I want to tell you that this station has been of great blessing and edification to my spiritual life.

Facebook: Hello brothers, I want to congratulate you for the great blessings we receive from Radio Nueva Vida with its great messages and praises. Here in Milton-Freewater, Oregon we don’t have Christian radio stations so we listen to you on our cell phones.  I hope soon there will be a station.

Letter From A Prisoner In Delano Shares: Dear brothers, I thank God, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for this station of blessing by which many souls are being touched by the power of the love of God.  I became a Sembrador for the next six months and here is my first seed.  Even in a place like this prison God provides so we can continue to help this station of blessing.  May He continue to use Radio Nueva Vida to save lives.  God bless and protect you. Two weeks ago I called to ‘Prayer Time’ because my sister was feeling very tormented.  She’s in a group home and suffers with schizophrenia.  I felt desperate and even though I have prayed for her, I haven’t been freed from the affliction of seeing my sister suffering so much. I was in my car crying and asking God to help her, when it came to my mind that I should call ‘Prayer Time.’  Radio Nueva Vida prayed for her and the next time I saw her she was very peaceful and singing praise music.  I thank our all mighty God who hears the petitions of His children. 

Facebook: Hi! Recently I’ve been listening to Radio Nueva Vida!  You are a great blessing!  God bless you from Belize, Central America.

Facebook: Hello brothers, I listen to Radio Nueva Vida in Puerto Madryn, Argentina!  You are a great blessing to my life! Blessings to you!

Fontana: I began listening to Radio Nueva Vida five years ago; what I heard truly impressed me because that’s what I used to do before, talk to people about Jesus.  I ended up in a wheelchair and can’t do what I did before so I began helping Radio Nueva Vida with a small amount of money because I felt God wanted me to do this.  My finances are extremely limited but I want to be obedient to The Lord when He tells me to do something.  Now, I’m up to $20 a month, which is still a small amount but I give it with all my heart!  Since I’ve been sowing God has been faithful.  It’s a blessing to give into the Kingdom of God.  I just want to encourage others to give and be faithful because God will never fail you; He will supply your needs.   

Facebook: May God continue to bless you!  I listened to you for the first time when I was in a taxi.  The taxi driver was a Christian.  After that my aunt recommended that I listen to your programs and you have been a great blessing in my life.  Now I’m a Christian.  Congratulations, with you I learn something everyday.

Facebook: Blessings!  First of all I want to congratulate you for Radio Nueva Vida. It’s a blessing to us because we live in Switzerland and the few churches that are here don’t have A healthy doctrine.  They are divination churches.  It’s difficult for us here because the only place we can gather together with my children and husband is in our home.  We have a house service three times a week.  We’ve been praying for God to send a servant of His to open up a church here for about two years.  It’s discouraging but we just pray and read the Bible.  May God continue to bless you!  Thank you so much!

Facebook: God bless you!  I’m a driver in Ventura County and I listen to you all the time. Thank you for the excellent manner in which you help us stay close to The Lord.  It’s been four years that I’ve been saved and Radio Nueva Vida was the means that God used to soften my heart so that I could fall at His feet.  God bless Radio Nueva Vida!


Facebook: Radio Nueva Vida, you have been a great blessing to my life with the music you put on the air as well as the Bible studies you give.  I pray God will always keep you, protect you and back you up in all you do for Him.  I’m a Sembradora of prayer and I’m praying for you.  I want to say “thank you” because without you I don’t know how God would spiritually daily feed us.  Greetings and God bless you greatly!   

Moreno Valley: Radio Nueva Vida has been a great blessing to my life. When I first came to know The Lord, right away I had a big disappointment in my life; I thought I was never going to suffer again, but God always has a purpose for everything. 

I stopped going to church six months after knowing Christ.  I didn’t want to go back to my past life so I asked my Creator not to abandon me because I wanted to continue to know Him. 

In my mind I needed to look for a Christian radio station to survive. I searched carefully, and The Lord let me feel His presence with Radio Nueva Vida. New life is what I found in my life so I began listening as much as I could.  I listen to you in my car on my way to and from work, when I go to sleep and on the weekends.  It has been a great blessing to me for almost two years.

Right away I became a Sembrador because just as I have received my spiritual nourishment, I want others to know Him through this ministry. 

You’re a blessing to me, especially listening to The Power Of His Love programs.  God has talked to me through this program because I can identify with many of the things that The Lord is saying.  In His mercy He has gifted me by speaking to me in dreams and other ways.  I’m hungry for Him and don’t tire of seeking Him. 

Now all my household serves The Lord! I know God has great plans for Radio Nueva Vida and will prosper you. 

Blessings and victories, my brothers!  


“It is good to say: Thank you to The Lord, to sing praises to the God who is above all gods.”  Psalms 92:1

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                                                                                                                               January 2014


Los Angeles: A thousand thanks for so much help you have given to me!  I have no way to repay you with how happy I am!  You are responsible for so much happiness because by listening to Radio Nueva Vida I found Christ!”


Colton:  I write to you to thank our God for the message that has come to our life through the radio, to know the true love of Jesus Christ our Lord! There was a moment that I had completely forgotten about his forgiveness and mercy and what he had done for me on the cross.  I think I will never stop praising His Holy name because I have started a new walk with Him now that I have accepted Him as my only Savior and eternal love.


Fontana: I have listened to you for six months and it has filled me with joy and peace.  I also want to tell you that the prayer I have been asking through you, the Almighty has answered!  For twenty months I was separated from my husband because of alcoholism.  But thanks to God, two weeks ago he came back home.  Even though he hasn’t given his life to the Lord, he tells me he listens to you.  I know, little by little, the Lord will soften his heart and my husband will confess Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Thank you very much Radio Nueva Vida for giving us real new life!


Madera: (telephone call): This was from a Sembrador who traveled the long distance from Madera to Pasadena for a radio event.  He said he arrived early and there was already a line formed.  From the moment he got in line he could feel God’s presence.  When he went inside the building he felt a tingling go through my body from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.  He called to testify that he has not been the same since.  Something happened that day. Something lifted off me. Now I feel new strength to keep going and a new hunger for God.


Los Angeles:  We are new Sembradores and are very happy because it has been a great blessing!  My wife had an experience while listening to one of the teachings.  She went inside her room and turned on the radio and when she was finished she turned the station off and left the room.  As she was going down the hallway, it was as if someone grabbed her by the shoulders and took her back into the room where she turned the radio back on….


She heard a teacher tell about two sisters who lived in two different towns.  They only saw each other when their mother died and even at her funeral they couldn’t forgive one another.  One day, one of the sisters past away and the other didn’t even know her sister had died. 


When my wife heard this she started crying because it had been seven years since she had spoken to her own sister.  She told me she didn’t want to die without asking her sister for forgiveness and right after this she sent her a letter asking for forgiveness and telling her how much she loved her.  I wanted to share this with you and tell you what God did. 


Santa Ana: This radio is a big door that the Lord opened for all of us, in which He sends multiple blessings day after day!  That is why I say that…Radio Nueva Vida is a point of contact with Jesus with His great Christian family and all in the world who needs Him.


Indio:  I want to thank God and Radio Nueva Vida for the Word that is full of power that is being preached everyday on this station.  In the moments that I feel the most depressed, sick, worried or something…always in those moments, there is a word of encouragement for my life.  It seems you know what I am going through, but I know it is the Lord that is talking to me through you.  Every day that I listen, I learn more about our Lord.  I receive much joy with the praises and testimonies that you give.  Each day I see more of the power of God and the changes that are occurring in people.


Los Angeles: (telephone call) He said he felt there were heavy chains on him that were tying him up in drug addiction.  He wanted help because he was tired of the life he was living and wanted to be free. But he felt the chains were too powerful and he didn’t know what to do.  We talked to him about Jesus and how he came to set the captives free.  Jesus could break the chains and undo the works of the enemy in his life.  He was asked if he really wanted to know Jesus and be free from drug addiction.  He said: Yes, I do!  We prayed for him to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior of his life and then we prayed that the chains would be broken off him in the name of Jesus.  There was a powerful presence of God as this was going on.


Carson: I want to confess to you that before, I was a fervent listener to rock and heavy metal music.  One day as I was changing stations, I still don’t understand how, because I never listen to AM….I found Radio Nueva Vida!  Since that day until now, in my car and in my home, I have my radios preset to you.  Now I understand it was the work of the Holy Spirit.  It has been a great blessing to my life as it has to other families.  My offering may not be a lot but God knows I give it with much joy!


South Gate: I congratulate you on this beautiful station…it is a station of love!  Thanks to you I have grown close to God.  Before, my life was empty, without hope, because of the world. But your teaching and music have given back to me life and peace in my heart.  At work I listen to you all day.  I hope that as Christ has helped me, He will help other souls.


San Fernando: Brothers, I want to tell you I am an elderly lady of 81 years.  Five years ago my husband passed away.  He gave himself to the Lord before he died.  He used to listen to the Word of God and now I like to listen too.  Before I was feeling sad and alone but since I started listening to Radio Nueva Vida my life has changed!  I feel like another person because I have God with me and all of you are my brothers. I am thankful for what you do!


San Bernardino: I didn’t understand why, when I would drive to and from work in my truck, I would feel full of joy even when I had a hard day.  Now I understand.   I would put on the radio and listen to the songs and words and they would give me great joy and help me forget how tired I was.  Thank you Lord for Radio Nueva Vida!


“…all who win souls are wise.” Proverbs 11:30  Thank you for winning souls for God!

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